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Blog , Vlog, Life of Swapnil Junjare

Blog , Vlog, Life of Swapnil Junjare

First Post!

This had been a long overdue. 

I did not expect this to be made even now. But it is. I need to do this. 

Hey everyone! I am Swapnil Junjare, a portrait, fashion and wedding photographer, an engineer, a masters student (currently) in USA, living at my own pace in New York City.
Ofcourse I dont exactly LIVE inside NYC, I mean, i'm a student; and NYC is expensive. 
I live in Jersey City, In New Jersey. This is just supposed to be an introductory post. 
Just like the website, trying to make a video just for fun to see if i am capable of making one was also overdue. So I made one. 

Things I see in a day in NY/NJ was made entirely handheld with just one timelapse. I did not have any specific story in mind for the video, albeit it did work out pretty much correctly when I sat to edit. I am looking forward to create more, keep you all updated with interesting stuff here, be it photos or videos, and get acquainted with NYC which is so reminiscent of home, Mumbai.